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Saving the Lives of Innocent Animals
Updated: 7 hours 47 min ago

Lucas and Dick Complete First PnP Flight

Tue, 07/29/2014 - 06:33

Dick Cole sent the following:

This was my son’s and my first mission in support of Pilot N Paws. The transport was to move Salem, an English Pointer, from an animal shelter in Oklahoma to his foster home in Kentucky on June 21, 2014. The trip was coordinated by Emily McDonald, Pointer Rescue Org, and she did a fantastic job lining up 3 ground leg transports from Oklahoma to the Springfield-Branson Airport, MO, and 3 more ground leg transports from the Mount Vernon Municipal Airport, Mount Vernon, IL to Kentucky.

Dorrie brought Salem on time to the Springfield-Branson Airport, Springfield, MO, and the folks at the General Aviation Complex welcomed Salem in the terminal area to cool off before loading on the plane. Salem attached to my son fairly quickly while I prepared the backseat for Salem to lie down on but instead he seemed more comfortable on the floor. After looking around, he laid down and with a few gentle pats and scratches behind his ears, Salem slept the entire trip.

It was warm on the ground but at 9500 feet altitude the temperature was very comfortable with low humidity. After landing at the airport in Mt. Vernon, IL, Doris was waiting for us on the ramp and we were very glad since it was close to 90 degrees and it was good for Salem to keep moving. The slightly sad part was Salem seemed to attach to anyone who showed him kindness and when he was turned over to Doris, Salem kept looking back at my son. But from the pictures, he looks very happy to be in his foster home and we hope he finds his forever home soon – he was a very good dog.

Too much fun and moving to fast for the camera.

My son and I will continue to look for missions through Pilot N Paws. We had a terrific time and enjoyed contributing a small part in saving a good dog.

Subaru and Petmate are Proud Partners of PNP!

The Saga of Saving Abigail

Sat, 07/26/2014 - 14:36

Some weeks ago, I got a call from Ashley Pugh, a Houston rescuer. Ashley had heard about a stray-hoarder in Conroe TX, north of Houston, who was threatening to abandon her dogs at Conroe’s high-kill shelter. The woman, apparently, had been taking in strays and had decided that she could no longer afford to feed them. Ashley had driven to Conroe, collected a Great Dane and a couple of Chihuahuas, and had transported them toward a foster in Boerne TX, outside of San Antonio.

There was the sweetest girl, Ashley said, that she had to leave behind. The Boerne foster, she said, had agreed to take her and she was wondering if I could fly her. We made tentative arrangements for Saturday, 5/17, but, the night before the flight, everything unraveled. There had been a miscommunication between Ashley and the foster, who had no more room. Ashley was exasperated and threw up her hands. The girl had nowhere to go, and her time was running out.

When I commit to a rescue mission, I commit to it. Sometimes, the weather forces a delay or postponement; sometimes, a postponement is necessary on a long cross-country transport because of a missing leg. Whatever it takes, I do what I can to honor the commitments I make. I felt that I had an obligation to this girl. And so it was that, on Wednesday, 5/21, I found myself before dawn in the parking lot of a Hooter’s in Spring TX, waiting on Abigail.

Poor Abi was skinny, flea-infested and had a bad ear infection and intestinal parasites. Despite all of that, she was the sweetest, most trusting and most affectionate girl. Abi hopped right into the back seat of my Yukon. We drove the 90 minutes back to my vet, Friendswood Animal Clinic, which had agreed to spay her, vaccinate her, and treat her at a generous rescue discount. Abi was a hit with the vet techs, one of who exclaimed, “So she’s a Hooters girl!”

Abi making friends at Friendswood Animal Clinic

With five rescue dogs of my own, I couldn’t keep Abi indefinitely, so I picked her up on Thursday, 5/22, and drove her to German Manzo, a big-hearted dog groomer/boarder, who had agreed to keep her until I could find a foster/adopter/rescue group. I broadcast some pleas. Jerry Dunham in Austin TX, possibly the hardest-working transport coordinator there is, had gotten Abi accepted by the Elmbrook Humane Society in Brookfield WI, based upon my photos and description of her demeanor. AND, David and Diane Newton, who fly for Pilots N Paws, were going to Wisconsin early Saturday, 5/24, and had room for Abi and some other dogs. I picked up Abi from German on Friday, drove her back home to Friendswood TX and crated her in the garage.

David with Dash and Diane with Abi

I thought about flying her on Saturday from Pearland Regional Airport, where N20223, my Cessna Cardinal is based, to Lone Star Executive in Conroe, where the Newtons were based, but quickly rejected the idea. Pearland Regional is south of Houston and Lone Star Exec is north of Houston; in between are Hobby and Bush Intercontinental airports, Houston’s two commercial fields. What would be a 20-minute flight direct becomes more like 45 minutes once vectored by ATC. Plus, I’d have the pre-flight check to do and would have to pull 223 out of the hangar. I decided that it would be less stressful for Abi if I drove her.

Turning in for the night and another pre-dawn drive, I heard Abi crying and whimpering. Cessna, my elderly Schnoodle, and I slept on a mat on the garage floor to keep her company. The next morning, I delivered Abi to the Newtons. She hopped right into the back of their Piper Saratoga. I whispered what I always whisper to my transport dogs: “Only special dogs get to fly.” Before I closed the door, Abi turned around, licked my face and put her paw on my arm. I bawled the entire long drive back home.

I have a strong connection to all of my rescues, but some just burrow deeper into my heart and soul. Abi was one of those. About 10 days later, Abi was adopted. She now has a bright future and the loving and caring home the sweet girl deserved. So: no flying this time, just a precious soul saved.

Story from Wade Roberts

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Pit Mom Destiny and her Babies are now Packer Fans

Fri, 07/25/2014 - 06:56

June 22 2014

Passengers – Pit Mix Mom Destiny and her 6 Pups.

Leg 1 – Springhill, LA to Covington, TN – Flown by Chris Hilty
Leg 2 – Covington,TN to Shelbyville,IL – Flown by Jim Carney
Leg 3 – Shelbyville, IL to Madison, WI – Flown by Jason Christensen
Leg 4 – Madison, WI to Eau Claire, WI – to be flown by Bruce Baranski

Destiny and her Pups were saved from being PTS by Justin Thomas, Lumberjack Rescue, Springhill, LA.

Destiny and her Pups were taken by Patti of Unchained K-9 Rescue and Rehab, Merrillon, WI.

Thanks goes to all those involved with this VERY SPECIAL RESCUE.
VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Carolyn Harris who coordinated this Pilots N Paws Transport!!

Jim Carney
Pilot – Pilots N Paws – TN

Covington Airport Employee Mark Freeman, Chris Hilty and friend.


Destiny in-flight on her way to a new life she so much deserves.

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Volunteers transport rescue dogs through Chanute by air

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 05:50

Posted: Monday, July 14, 2014 6:11 pm | Updated: 6:12 pm, Mon Jul 14, 2014.

Joshua Vail/Tribune Pilot rescue organization Pilots N’ Paws stopped in Chanute Saturday morning while transporting dogs to shelters. From left, volunteer pilots Tim Seymour and Alfredo Gimenez, Kenzi Boyd and Karli Bash, children of Chanute shelter Ann’s Angels owner Ann Bash, volunteer pilot Sam Taylor, his co-pilot Elizabeth Arms and Ann Bash’s son, Kaden Bash.

Joshua Vail

Tribune reporter

Animal rescue organization Pilots N’ Paws stopped in Chanute on Saturday morning.

Volunteer pilots Tim Seymour and Alfredo Jimenez flew from Wichita to Olkahoma City, Okla., to pick up five boxer mix puppies, a lab mix and a newfoundland puppy, then came to Chanute.

The five puppies were delivered to Ann’s Angels Canine Rescue in Chanute, while the lab mix and the newfoundland puppy were picked up by Sam Taylor and his co-pilot Elizabeth Arms to be taken to Great Plains SPCA in Merriam —the lab mix — and Hearts and Paws in Omaha, Neb. — the newfoundland  puppy.

Pilots N’ Paws is a non-profit organization that consists of volunteer pilots and plane owners willing to assist with the transportation of animals in shelters, rescues and foster homes needing help with the  next  step  in  their  journey to finding families to take them in.

Ann’s Angels has been a licensed canine rescue in Chanute since 2011. It is run by Chanute resident Ann Bash out of her home. Ann’s Angels takes in dogs and also coordinates with other shelters in the region to help pets find homes and keep them out of kill shelters.

Bash said her efforts have helped bring down the euthanization rate in Chanute.

Ann’s Angels is supported entirely by donations. Cash donations, dog food, cleaning supplies, gas cards and veterinary care supplies are all appreciated. To donate, contact Bash via email at or by phone at (620) 433-2452.

Pilot N Paws Flyaway event during Southeast Aviation Expo

Tue, 07/22/2014 - 05:17

On Saturday, September 27, 2014 a special air caravan containing rescued animals will depart from the Greenville Downtown Airport in S.C. as part of the Southeast Aviation Expo. Their Destination? The cargo’s new homes and non-kill shelters throughout the U.S.  Each year, Pilots N Paws, holds a large rescue event. This event has never taken place in Greenville.  Last year, when it was held in Hinesville, GA., 50 private pilots volunteered to fly 400 animals to safety and others joined in with vans for shorter, over land travel.

“Many healthy and adoptable animals are put down each year.  While, neutering or spaying animals is the ultimate goal because it helps reduce new births and overpopulation; there are animals that are already here that need to be saved,” stated Pilots N Paws President & Co-founder Debi Boies.  Throughout the year, Pilots N Paws, a 501 c (3) registered charitable organization, connects pilots and animals, in jeopardy of being “put down” due to the high number of animals needing homes being far greater then the number of families looking to adopt a pet.

Unfortunately, many animals aren’t “fixed” so they reproduce and the offspring are eventually dropped off at shelters. In other regions of the country fewer animals are available for adoption. Pilots N Paws was formed to help get animals from areas of high animal euthanasia to new homes in other regions.   Once a year, volunteers come together for a huge transport effort to help raise awareness of the problem and finds others willing to step in to help on the ground, through a donation or of course, up in the air! Click on below link for recent article by AOPA on the Pilots-N-Paws Flyaway.

The post Pilot N Paws Flyaway event during Southeast Aviation Expo appeared first onSouth Carolina Aviation Association.

Catching Up

Mon, 07/21/2014 - 10:20

Determined to catch up. I flew on 6/5/2014 from Pearland Regional Airport (south of Houston) to Lone Star Executive in Conroe (north of Houston to pick up Cassie, the Pomeranian, for transport to Valley International in Harlingen TX (just a few miles from Mexico) to her forever home.

On 6/3/2014, I flew from Pearland to Sugar Land Regional southwest of Houston) to pick up Toto, a sweet terrier boy, for a flight to Rockwall Municipal (east of Dallas).

On 6/7/2014, Austin Pilots N Paws pilot Alex Siegman picked up a rat terrier mom and two five-week-old pups from Boerne TX (near San Antonio) and delivered them to Pearland. I boarded them overnight, and then flew them the next day, 6/8/2014, to Abita Springs LA (near the LA/MS border). Talk about lucky passenger names for a pilot: Mercy, the momma, and pups Hope and Faith. Momma and pups are with a temporary foster, and already have transport set to Atlanta, then New York, and, ultimately to Canada (Rat Terrier Rescue Canada). Still have a dozen of past missions I’m determined to post, including the amazing saga of Abigail and the lamb transport.

Story by Wade Roberts

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Thank you from a happy adopter

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 23:20

Jack helped get Annie (now Vandal) from Marin Humane Society (Novato, CA) to BrightSide Animal Center (Redmond, OR) back in June. She has blossomed into such a wonderful dog and I cannot thank him enough for his help. I was supposed to foster her, but wound up as a foster failure. Thank you Jack and PNP for all that you do. This girl needed help, and you made saving her possible. She is beginning Flyball and Agility training and simply loving life!      


Subaru and Petmate are proud sponsors of Pilots N Paws. #loveapet #petmateproducts Posted by Kathleen Quinn Charleston Executive Director, Pilots N Paws

PNP rescue mission from IXA to OQN!

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 06:36

Just wanted to send you a summary on an incredible PNP flight by Pete Meyer and Barry Schultz from IXA to OQN yesterday. I don’t do Facebook, so if you could upload this to your FB page, I would greatly appreciate it!

Jenny and Jazzy are believed to be mother and daughter and they found themselves in despair in Halifax County NC. With the quick help of the incredible volunteers, Jenny and Jazzy found rescue with the ARF SEPA rescue of PA. Everyone was so excited but then the matter of transport had to be worked out. And that’s where Pete Meyer and Barry Schultz, both of Maryland, stepped in and saved the day!

We are so grateful to Pete and Barry for all of their help. It is just incredible, these flights. It is just so heartwarming and wonderful and uplifting. The girls are happy and safe in a foster home and we are sure they will soon find their forever families. What an adventure their future families will hear about!

–Leslie Eyster
Wilmington NC

Photos attached are of Pete Meyer and sending rescue volunteers Betsy and Jen with Jenny and Jazzy and then Barry S with Jenny.












Subaru and Petmate are proud sponsors of Pilots N Paws.


Posted by Kathleen Quinn Charleston Executive Director, Pilots N Paws

Throwback Thursday—A Wonderful Story From Last October

Thu, 07/17/2014 - 09:44

Hey there!   I had contacted you on Facebook to thank you for your service.  Without y’all this little girl could not have gotten to her foster home in such a timely fashion.

Miss Rou was dumped at a shelter in Atlanta, GA and was slated to be euthanized because she was not ‘behaving’ in her cage.  She is a 1-year-old unspayed, in heat female who obviously has had zero training.  This dog is so sweet but needs some serious manners and training since she is so high energy and ‘dog aggressive.’

We were able to get ground transport from Atlanta to Savannah to an emergency foster home but could not fill the legs from Savannah to Boonsboro, Md where her foster home is.  

We contacted your organization and quickly had three pilots jump in to help!  Patrick (and his dad), Michelle, and john all out of Raleigh, NC stepped up to get this sweet and misunderstood girl to her very special foster mom in Maryland.  Thanks to these generous and caring pilots Miss Rou is in a foster home with a woman who is a trainer and teaches agility.   With her help miss rou will learn some manners and ways to spend some of this pent up energy!!
French Bulldog Village can not express our gratitude enough.  Without generous and caring people like you and your volunteers so many dogs would not get their second chance.
Thank you just isn’t enough.
-French Bulldog Village

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Posted by Kathleen Quinn Charleston Executive Director, Pilots N Paws



A PNP Rescue Skirts Bad Weather To Arrive Safely!

Wed, 07/16/2014 - 05:31

Pearland Regional TX (LVJ) to Hooks TX (DWH) to pick up Simon (a collie I recently flew from Hammond LA to Hooks), then to Arlington TX (GKY) to drop off Simon and board Sassy (collie/sheltie mix) and Nikolette (sweetest little hound mix) for transport back to Hooks to fosters.

Ended up landing at Hooks just as a convective SIGMET was issued. What would’ve been 40nm direct turned out to be 150nm, skirting and threading storm cells to 40,000 with heavy rain, lightning and hail. Slipped into Pearland during a break. –Wade Roberts, PNP Pilot

Subaru and Petmate are proud sponsors of Pilots N Paws.


Posted by Kathleen Quinn Charleston Executive Director, Pilots N Paws

Saving Clayton will help save others

Tue, 07/15/2014 - 06:33

Social networking, including Facebook and YouTube, helped a desperately ill dog survive and find a new home.


POSTED: Sunday, July 13, 2014, 3:01 AM


IN JANUARY, a sporting-dog rescue group asked Lori-Lynn Clayton, of San Angelo, Texas, to look at a dog in her local shelter thought to be an English springer spaniel, or Brittany. He was a springer, emaciated and near death.

She struggled to get him released, battling shelter workers and then veterinarians who said it would be better to euthanize him. She got on the phone to Beth Maryan, the north Texas representative for English Springer Rescue America, who agreed to help, and arranged a flight for him with Pilots N Paws volunteer Tyler Chapman to Carrollton, Texas, where he could get the specialized veterinary care he needed. Kim Mrozek stepped up to foster the dog, soon named “Clayton,” once he was well enough to leave the hospital.

No one can quite pinpoint why, but people who saw the dog’s picture fell in love with him. As specialists fought to reverse the effects of starvation and dehydration and figure out why his body wasn’t absorbing nutrients, people across the country and around the world followed his progress on ESRA’s website and then on Facebook, where Mrozek set up a dedicated page for him called, simply, Clayton.

Within 18 hours, the Clayton group had 600 members and eventually rose to 1,759. They called themselves the Clayton Nation. The social-media exposure ensured that Clayton’s extensive veterinary bills – $23,000 for three weeks in intensive care – were covered, and then some. Mrozek estimates that people donated about $50,000. “It seemed like every time I would post about him, people would go to his ESRA site and start donating money,” she says. “There were people sending $500 at a time. He had more donations than any special-needs dog ever.”

Not every pet can be a Clayton, but Christie Keith, social-media manager for the Shelter Pet Project, the Ad Council’s public-service campaign promoting pet adoption, says social media is an incredibly powerful tool that has revolutionized the pet adoption landscape.

“It enables individuals who don’t even work or volunteer for shelters or rescue groups to help spread the stories and photos of pets who need homes or are looking for other kinds of help,” she says. “They can do this literally with the click of a mouse or a click on their mobile device, and there is no barrier to them being able to get a pet in front of people who aren’t connected to the rescue or shelter world: their friends, their family, their college roommate.”

Although his life hung in the balance for two weeks and he needed a feeding tube for two months, Clayton’s story has a happy ending. Tony and Mary Davies, of Durand, Ill., adopted him after following his story from the beginning. They drove to Texas in May to pick him up, and on the way back made stops so that other Clayton supporters could meet the springer celebrity. He made a smooth transition to life on their 20-acre farm.

“It is a glorious sight to see this dog who was knocking on death’s door finally get to live the life he deserves,” Mary Davies says.

When he’s not playing with the Davies’ other dogs or digging holes, though, Clayton keeps busy with important work. He makes appearances at ESRA functions to raise money for other special-needs springers.

“He is giving back, and we are grateful for everyone who has helped him,” Davies said.

Pet Connection is produced by a team of pet-care experts headed by “The Dr. Oz Show” veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker and award-winning journalist Kim Campbell Thornton. They are affiliated with and are the authors of many best-selling pet-care books.


link to original story AND also this link to another story

PILOTS N PAWS – 2nd Annual East Coast Beagle Run

Mon, 07/14/2014 - 05:46

These pics are from todays Pilots N Paws transport. Plenty of Southern Beagles and pups! We arrived in Camden, SC just after a heavy rainstorm. Stops were in Atlantic City and Philadelphia on the way north.

Rescues involved were The Crazy Beagle Ladies, Mostly Muttz, Penny Angel Beagle Rescue, and DELCO SPCA in Media, Pa. Special thanks to Janet Schoen in Charleston, WV, and Patty Guthrie in SC for their great planning and for keeping everybody organized.

Living the Life of Luxury in Baton Rouge, LA!

Sat, 07/12/2014 - 05:29

This is a follow-up on one of our dogs for Catahoula Rescue South Central flown to Louisiana by PNP Pilots David and Diane Newton, almost two years ago.  Kipper was very shy when we met him at the airport.  But he quickly blossomed into the amazing dog we all knew he was.  We thank the Newtons and all other volunteers with Pilots N Paws for working with rescues to help animals in need.  Check him out now as his lives the life of luxury in Baton Rouge, LA.

-Mark Rayner, Foster Volunteer Coordinator at Catahoula Rescue South Central

Thank You Steve and Gillian for saving these adorable pups!

Thu, 07/10/2014 - 05:55

My daughter Gillian and I flew from Houston to New Iberia, LA yesterday to pick up 4 Catahoula’s.  We then, flew them to Golden Triangle Airport in Northern Mississippi where we were met by another pilot to go on to Nashville and from there they flew up to Indiana!

Here are a few photos of my daughter Gillian and the littlest puppy – Marin.  Here is also tag line that Larry Murdock came up with…. “Shelter pets and their rescuers can “rest easy” knowing PNP is flying them home!”

I was able to spend 6.4 quality flying hours with my daughter yesterday thanks to Pilots N Paws!!!

Keep up the great work!

Steve Glenn, Pilots N Paws Pilot


Sassy and Rich

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 05:17

Today I flew Sassy, a three-year-old Border Collie, from a kill shelter to Buckeye Border Collie Rescue here in Tiffin.  She was a great passenger, very excited to go on this new adventure in her life! Sassy was in a high kill shelter for a month and didn’t have much more time left.  Our local border collie rescue lady agreed to take her in, and I often transport dogs to bring to her.  Sassy was a bit shy at first, but she seemed to know what was going on, and she was excited to board the plane.  She looked out the windows a lot, then finally settled down.  She was a very good traveller and is now in good hands at the rescue.

-Rich Traunero, Pilots N Paws Pilot





Subaru and Petmate are proud sponsors of Pilots N Paws.


Posted by Kathleen Quinn Charleston Executive Director, Pilots N Paws

Dash Dashed to Wisconsin

Tue, 07/08/2014 - 06:41

Dash had been languishing for months in Texas, where finding homes for hounds is very difficult. He had an offer from Elmbrook Humane Society (Milwaukee) to take him, and the rescue, San Antonio SPCA, has had excellent success with sending them Texas hounds, none taking more than 2 weeks to be adopted. Dash had a flight to Milwaukee with a Pilots N Paws pilot leaving early Saturday morning from Houston. Rescue just needed to get him moved from Georgetown to Houston in the two days following the flight request, Thursday or Friday, in order for him to catch a ride north.

Weekday transports are alway a bit more difficult to fill, and this one had an additional complication – Dash’s foster mom’s schedule. She lives outside of Georgetown, but works in downtown Austin, and her schedule isn’t very flexible. She could only drop him off at Georgetown on her way to work in the morning or after about 6pm.

That didn’t stop Tom, who chose the very early departure option to pick up Dash.  The two made it safely back to Houston, after having to migrate to a different airport on the Georgetown end due to low ceilings.

Subaru and Petmate are Proud Partners of PNP!

UPDATE – Sure enough, at the 2-week mark of arriving in Wisconsin, Dash was adopted!

In Memory of O.B. – Walker’s Flight

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 07:17

A call went out on the forum, the title, “EMERGENCY!! 4 wk old pup needing flight ASAP for medical emergency.” That will get your attention.

A 4 week old, 4 pound pitt mix puppy (named Walker) was in trouble. He had aspiration pneumonia and needed breathing treatment immediately. Houston AARF said they could help, but Walker was in Dallas. He needed to get to their vet asap in order to have any chance at survival.

At the same time. Mike Reddick was going through a tough time. He had just said goodbye to his 17 year old terrier, O.B., the day before. Mike put aside his grief and chose to give the little pup a chance to thrive.  Hard to imagine a better way to honor his old friend.

Mike had Walker airborne within three hours of the initial request.  They stayed at 3000 feet all the way to Houston due to the pup’s condition.

Rachelle sent him wishes many would have done had they known, “So sorry to hear about your loss Mike. You have a big heart for helping with a transport so soon after your loss.”

Subaru and Petmate are Proud Partners of PNP!

lifesaving flight for six dogs from Chances Angel Rescue to Almost Home Dog Rescue

Thu, 07/03/2014 - 05:31


PNP Pilot Elliott Degraff and Zander

This is Pilot Elliott DeGraff (81 yrs) with Zander, Elliott did a tag team flight with pilot John Davis and co-pilot Pat from Roxboro, NC (KTDF) to Blue Bell, PA (KLOM) Friday June 27, 2014.

Zander stayed close to Elliott the entire flight and insisted on being his co-pilot for this mission. This is how they were sitting upon arrival at Wings Field when I went out to meet them. Elliott said he almost brought Zander back home with him It was a lifesaving flight for six dogs (two adult dogs and four pups) from Chances Angel Rescue to Almost Home Dog Rescue.

Subaru and Petmate are proud sponsors of Pilots N Paws.


Posted by Kathleen Quinn Charleston Executive Director, Pilots N Paws

Missouri City partners with Texas Husky Rescue to fly rescued dog to new home

Sun, 06/29/2014 - 08:56

Red stands with rescuers from Pilots N’ Paws before his flight to Carrollton.

Posted: Thursday, June 19, 2014 2:00 pm

Since the creation of Missouri City’s new animal shelter in the fall of 2013, the assistance provided to the city’s lost and homeless animals has been provided in many interesting and creative ways, many of which were the result of the tireless work the city’s dedicated animal control officers provide. One prime example of a creative and strategic animal rescue occurred this May, when Missouri City staff was able to partner with two dog friendly volunteer agencies to rescue a homeless, broken-legged husky who was found within city limits.

Toward the end of May, Missouri City animal control officers found a friendly husky wandering around with a broken leg. Despite his injury, the dog showed no signs of timidity and jumped right into the animal control vehicle.

Staff and animal shelter volunteers quickly appealed to local husky, sled dog and Eskimo dog rescues to seek treatment for the dog’s broken leg, which, despite its severity, had not brought the cheerful dog’s spirit down. A group in Carrollton named the Texas Husky Rescue offered to help the dog, but it was unable to provide a means of transportation.

“We immediately sent out pleas through social media and personal contacts looking for transportation for the dog,” Missouri City Animal Control Supervisor Juan Acevedo said. “After hours of searching, miraculously Pilots N’ Paws, a group of private pilots that fly dogs to rescues, agreed to fly the husky to Carrolton over the weekend.”

Missouri City Animal Control Officer Richard Perez delivered the dog to the Arcola Airport early one Saturday morning, where the husky was flown by Pilots N’ Paws to his new home in Carrollton. The dog received a new name, Red, was treated and put up for adoption.

Residents interested in visiting the Missouri City Animal Shelter, can contact Acevedo via phone at 281-403-8707 or email to set up an appointment.


link to original story

PNP Pilot Jim’s First Mission!!

Sat, 06/28/2014 - 06:29

Flew my first mission, and it was awesome!  We flew Briggs from Marysville, CA down to Paso Robles, CA.  He was an incredibly energetic (dare I say hyper!?) 1 year old who was a total puppy.  He was such a happy, sweet little dog, I have NO doubt that he’s going to find a happy home.  Thanks for providing such a wonderful opportunity for us pilots!

Below are a couple of pics of Brigs, me, and my ‘assistant’ Guy. Another pic of Brigs, me, and Wendy (the rescue that picked him up).

Jim, PNP Pilot